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Building a universe of financially literate individuals


About Us

We are a startup with big dreams to democratise financial literacy for every individual in the universe. We are teachers, mentors and advocates. We are your FintorsTM – Financial Mentors.

Our Backers

The ones that are backing us along the way

Our Partners

We don’t have clients, we have partners


Our Focus

We know the impact that finances have on individuals and families


The right product for every person in every stage of their financial journey.


Carefully curated and easy to understand content.
No jargon.


Do it yourself activities that make every bit of theory practical.

Habit Building

Long-term engagement that motivates positive habit building.



Don’t take our word for it, hear it from the Fintees TM – Financial Mentees

“They truly make financial literacy something easy to learn. The services provided are worth the price, and I gained a lot of insight into financial literacy as a beginner.”


Zoom Workshop Fintee

“Danei and Elijah (Founders) I thank both of them by opening my eyes about how to use money”


Practical Workshop Fintee

Our financial mentors (Danei and Elijah) were very friendly and understandable. The way they teach us. I did enjoy because now I know how to manage my loan.


Practical Workshop Fintee

Findamentals really helped me a lot by teaching me about emergencies. When my car broke down, I didn’t need to borrow money to fix it.


Practical Workshop Fintee

Our Team

We are passionate about people and finances
Danei Rall

Danei is an industrial Engineer passionate about the improvement of the socio-economic outlook of the country and the empowerment of the vulnerable majority of South Africa. She is currently an independent Industrial Engineering Consultant and software developer.

Elijah Djan

Elijah is an Industrial Engineer and entrepreneur with work experience as a system analyst at Fedgroup. He is an avid investor and passionate about financial literacy. He started an investment club in his second year in university to get friends investing in unit trusts.


Projects Completed


Satisfied Clients


Fintees Empowered


Investment Vouchers given


Why select us?

We understand your requirements and provide quality work.

Empowered Employees

By empowering your employees to get a grasp of their finances, you create an employee that is confident, secure and present.

B-BBEE Points

We are a Level 2 B-BBEE accredited company. Our workshops contribute towards the Informal Training part of your B-BBEE scorecard.

Skills Development Levy

This is an opportunity to give your employees skills that will not only impact your bottom line but impact their livelihood.

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Where to find us

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Findamentals (PTY) Ltd is not a registered Financial Services Provider and the Fintors are not Certified Financial Planners – all services offered are for educational purposes only.